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Preacher’s kid, Amber Pennicastle barely made it through high school and never made it to any big university. Sarcastic but charitable Amber spends most of her days working 3 tacky beach jobs in a tacky beach town to afford her tacky apartment. Regardless of being tired and dirt poor, Amber secretly uses some of her time and money to give food the homeless after work. The laid-back former community college student feels like nothing phases or surprises her, until one day when she follows handsome panhandler (Silas) to his “home” .

*Amber has one passion in life; weather. She loves studying and storm chasing different meteorological occurrences.


When Amber first sees charming Silas Noble, she assumes he’s another one of the city’s homeless. However, upon following him to his lair in the abandoned Geode Corner Movie Theater, Amber discovers Silas is actually a brilliant and scheming con-artist who can convincingly pull off any role he wants to. Silas (one of his many aliases) always has a trick up and his sleeve and usually a costume to go with it. Despite his tendency for deception (and getting into trouble), Amber slowly discovers he’s a strangely (and downright strange) nice guy with a big heart.

*Despite growing up in North Carolina and California, Silas has a Boston accent and pronounces Amber’s name “Ambaah”.


Group leader Nick Trotsky may seem scary at first, but he takes on the parent/big brother role for his comrades. Trotsky is the strongest of the crew, and is often protective of his friends. In spite of his unusual occupation, Trotsky is a devout Christian who frowns upon pot, fornication, swearing, and unnecessary violence. He loves flashy music and accessories, but he tends to be on the conservative side in most political/ethical discussions. Trotsky collects rocks and also wears a startling amount of jewelry. He’s the most laid-back of the movie theater bunch, and enjoys playing jokes on friends and strangers. Trotsky possesses a special talent for forgery and making realistic fake ID cards.

*Trotsky has a Russian accent.


If there’s anything moody Kristin Noble hates, it’s spotlight stealers. As the only girl in the group, Kristin doesn’t exactly leap for joy when her brother, Silas, starts hanging around with Amber. Kristin is very possessive of her boys, especially her longtime boyfriend, Caruso.  Kristin usually stays out of the boy's schemes and lives a quiet life as a "homemaker". Though she often acts bratty and childish, Kristin is a motherly and nurturing person who makes sure the boys are well fed and not trashing the theater (their home). Like her brother, Kristin thrives on the limelight and constantly demands attention.


Chain-smoking city-boy Caruso is notorious for his potty-mouth and tough guy attitude, but he’s actually the “smart one” of the Geode Corner bunch. Caruso is the only one in the crew who knows how to handle finances and real world responsibilities. He secretly likes to read classic literature and politics but makes no effort to hide his love of campy horror movies. Caruso’s overwhelming attempts to be badass and his temper can cause problems for the group (particularly with the siblings), but his talents outshine his flaws. Caruso understands money, cars,  and has some basic computer skills. Though he avoids acting at all costs, Caruso specializes in business and internet cons. He tries hard to be the “tough guy”, until his mom calls.

*Despite having a Brooklyn accent, Caruso is an avid Red Sox fan. ((His mother was from Boston, his father from New York City)).

Friends and Foes
Supporting Cast

Charlene Hill

Charlene Hill is Amber’s best (and possibly only) friend, since most of her high school pals have moved on to college. Though Charlene is in her fourth year studying nursing, she spends her summers working at Swizzle Swirl Ice Cream with Amber to earn money for books. Charlene is a fun and levelheaded person who knows where she’s going in life. However, she has a temper, especially when it comes to the Swizzle Swirl supervisor, Jenna.

Diana Henderson

Diana Henderson is Amber’s wacky and socially awkward roommate. Though Diana is a sweet and shy girl, her habit of collecting dozens of noisy, smelly, and exotic pets terrorizes Amber (who hates animals). Diana insists on supporting a zoo in the tiny apartment, and as a result, everything in the apartment is usually destroyed.


Jenna is the lead supervisor at Swizzle Swirl Ice Cream. She takes her job as a lead (getting paid one dollar more than Amber and Charlene) VERY seriously. Jenna is constantly nagging and bitching at Amber and Charlene for having way too much fun at work.

Molester Mark

“Molester Mark” is the creep who works at the Henna Tattoo stand with Amber. Though Amber actually likes her job at the henna stand, she dreads working with “creepy, close-talking” Mark, who has a gift for inappropriate comments, peering, stalking, and making people very uncomfortable.

All images/characters (C) Trallt.