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About Nightfall Valley



Nightfall Valley is a weekly web comic about life, love, and zombies. I wanted to set a creepy mood for the soon-to-be-infected New England town, but I hoped the story would have the campinesss and humor that made me laugh when I watched my favorite 80’s teen movies. Using elements of cartoony and western styles, I set the comic in Western Massachusetts, a quaint but eerie region of New England teeming with chilling history, ghost stories, “forbidden” land, (and lots of grumpy people).

In a sense, Nightfall Valley is a story that works backwards. Instead of starting with a couple characters and expanding my cast, anyone who attends East Adams High, MA, is fair game for character development…or getting turned into a zombie. In the beginning, it’s hard to tell who is going to be a main protagonist and who is not. The large cast provides simultaneous adventures of characters, many different back-stories, and many couples on this fine Valentine’s Day. However, as victims fall one by one to the infection, only a select few will remain standing…


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